Due to the superior quality and popularity of Biotouch products, this has prompted some unscrupulous businesses to enter the market and make cheap counterfeits of our products. These fake products have not undergone testing and have not passed regulatory requirements.  They may pose possible adverse health effects to those who use them.
Consumers are strongly advised to purchase Biotouch products only from authorized distributors and agents. 

All products shipped directly or indirectly out of China is fake. Buy only from authorized resellers. Ask a biotouch sales rep to check if a distributor is authorized to sell our products. All biotouch sales reps have a biotouch.com email address. Or you may email info@biotouch.com.

Biotouch products are made from quality ingredients, undergo extensive lab research, proven to be safe over many years, and compliant with FDA regulations.

In order to minimize your risk of purchasing counterfeit products, please ensure you;

·   Purchase products only from reputable and authorized dealers/agents
·   Ensure your products are shipped from the address of an approved selling agent
·   Make sure your product contains our logo and address on your packaging
·   If in doubt, contact us for further clarification, or let us put you in contact with an authorized
Biotouch agent or distributor.

Dear customer, look for our custom inkjet printing when verifying the authenticity of our original 1/2 ounce micro-pigments. The inkjet font and print is shown on our website. i have embedded a sample image below. For our pure line of pigments, look for our specially designed, teardrop-shaped bottle as well as our specially designed boxes. If you are a distributor, buy authentic Biotouch products to remain in good standing and to receive our technical support and superior customer service. Thank you for your business.


Danger of heavy metals
·   Arsenic can cause skin cancer or skin lesions such as hyperkeratosis and pigmentation changes
·   Cadmium can cause kidney damage or kidney cancer, renal cell carcinoma
·   Mercury can cause lung damage or lung cancer.
·   At high levels, lead poisoning can be fatal
Symptoms of lead poisoning.
           · High blood pressure.
           · Abdominal pain.
           · Constipation.
           · Joint pains.
           · Declines in mental functioning.
           · Pain, numbness or tingling of the extremities.
           · Headache.
           · Memory loss.
           · Mood disorders.
           · Miscarriage or premature birth in pregnant women.

Danger of Aromatic amines
·   Aromatic amines are associated with cancer

Danger of infection
·   Improperly sterilized ingredients may contain mold, bacteria, protozoa, fungi or viruses.

·   Finally, users have reported that counterfeit pigments do not stay permanently in the skin. Pigments may also change color on the skin. Biotouch pigments are premixed with neutralizing pigments to control changes in color.

Poor quality
·   Pigments may not be mixed well ( ie homogenous), so color results may be inconsistent. Many colors don’t match their names at all. You may receive green when you ordered olive. You may receive beige instead of taupe.

Loss of legal protection, rights and technical support
·   If products originated from Chinese counterfeiters, Biotouch will not provide customer service, product liability insurance or technical support. You will lose our endorsement and be party to trademark infringement.

In Summary,
Clients may suffer from serious health problems and may not know why.
Color may not stay or it may change, which can cause you to do more touch-ups, lose repeat business and their referrals.
You may be sued by your client.
We may rescind your certification, and not provide you with further support or education.
Your clients may post negative reviews online, which can hurt your reputation.


Biotouch, Inc. hereby warns all unauthorized sellers, manufacturers and/or distributors, that we will pursue, to the fullest extent of all known commercial and business law, the prosecution of unauthorized and illegal activity.

Unethical activity within our current dealership/distributorship members is in direct violation of our business code of conduct, and as such, will also be prosecuted to the fullest legal extent, including immediate loss of authorization and the distributorship privileges revoked.

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